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EXCLUSIVE: On Telegram, Al-Qaeda In The Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) Spokesman Rejects UN Role In Kashmir: ‘The UN Is The International Government Of Oppressors, Infidels, And Tyrants’
On April 16, 2018, a jihadi Telegram channel shared a video of an interview with Al-Qaeda In The Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) spokesman Ustad Usama Mehmood, in which he answered the question: “In your view, can the United Nations resolve the Kashmir issue?”
EXCLUSIVE: Iraqi Security Source: ISIS Has Smuggled Part Of Its Drone Fleet To Iraqi Desert; French National Plays Major Role In Organization’s Drone Industry
According to an Iraqi security source, the Islamic State (ISIS) still possesses part of its fleet of self-manufactured drones, after ISIS fighters retreating from territories recaptured by the Iraqi military managed to take the drones with them to the desert.
Al-Qaeda-Affiliated GSIM Claims Responsibility For Attack On French, International Forces At Timbuktu Airport, Mali
On April 20, 2018, the official media agency of an Al-Qaeda-affiliated organization (“The Group For Support Of Islam And Muslims” – GSIM), released a communique on its Telegram channel claiming that its fighters had killed and wounded soldiers from the French and international forces in an attack on a military base at the Timbuktu airport in Mali.(by memri org.)

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