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Lebanese Political Analyst: Abbas’s Antisemitic Speech Harmed Palestinian Cause, Played Into Netanyahu’s Hands
In his May 5, 2018 column in the daily Al-Hayat, senior Lebanese journalist, critic and political analyst Hazem Saghiya responded to Palestinian President Mahmoud ‘Abbas’s antisemitic speech at the Palestinian National Council on April 30, 2018. Saghiya wrote that the speech had sabotaged the Palestinians’ long struggle to distance themselves from antisemitism, and had played into the hands of Netanyahu and Israel’s radical right by enabling them to claim that ‘Abbas was and remains a flagrant antisemite.
Ibrahim Karagul, Editor-In-Chief Of AKP Mouthpiece ‘Yeni Safak’: You, UAE Prince Mohammad Bin Zayed And Saudi Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, Are The Apparatuses Of U.S. And Israeli Intelligence; Soon, You Will Raise U.S./Israel Flags In Mecca And Medina
In an article laced with invective, and titled “You Have No Shame, Do you? Soon, You Will Raise U.S./Israel Flags In Mecca/Medina… Jerusalem Is A Common Homeland For Us All!”, the editor-in-chief of AKP mouthpiece Yeni Safak, Ibrahim Karagul accused UAE Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed and Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman of betraying the Muslim world in an unspecified “secret agreement” and culpability for the move of the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. (by memri.org)

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