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EXCLUSIVE: Jihadi Social Media – Account Review (JSM-AR): UK-Based Disciple Of Anjem Choudary Active On Facebook, Reportedly Arrested; Facebook Friends Include Numerous Prominent Western Jihadis Involved In Terrorist Attacks
A UK-based British jihad supporter posts prolifically on Facebook. He has over 1,700 Facebook friends. According to his Facebook profile, he is based in Luton; many of his posts appear to be from London.
Pro-Al-Qaeda Group Publishes Video Featuring Fighters Announcing Founding Of Al-Qaeda Branch In Burkina Faso
On September 18, 2018, pro-Al-Qaeda media group Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF) released a video showing a group of fighters announcing the founding of an Al-Qaeda branch in the West African country of Burkina Faso.
Pro-ISIS Media Outlet Releases Posters Threatening Attacks In The West
On September 20, 2018, several pro-Islamic State (ISIS) Telegram channels shared two digitally-created posters created by a pro-ISIS media outlet, which were originally released on September 1 and 4, 2018.(by memri.org).

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