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EXCLUSIVE: Jihadi ‘Charity’ Group On Telegram Fundraises For Mujahideen And Foreign Fighters In Syria – Including Australians, Swedes, Other Europeans – And For Purchasing Drones And Other Equipment, Via Telegram And WhatsApp And Using Bitcoin Address
A jihadi “charity organization” maintains a Telegram channel that it uses primarily for raising funds for the mujahideen in Syria.
EXCLUSIVE: Profile Of French ISIS Media Operative And Preacher Abu Oussama
Since the declaration of the Islamic State (ISIS) Caliphate, the group has chosen a select few media operatives to deliver the group’s official messages in various languages through its central radio station Al-Bayan. One of these ISIS radio voices was that of French operative Adrien Guihal aka Abu Oussama aka Hamza, a French citizen from the Paris area born in 1983. Guihal was arrested in Syria in May 2018 by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and is currently in their custody in Syria. The SDF communique reporting his arrest stated: “Abu Osama is considered one of the most dangerous terrorists in ISIS ranks and had a role in launching the terrorist attacks” in France.(by memri.org).

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