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Syrian Media Operatives Urge Jihadi Factions in Idlib to Unite ‘Under One Man And One Banner’
On November 29, 2018, a group of media operatives in rebel-controlled areas of northern Syria issued a strongly worded statement urging the jihadi groups in the region to put aside their disagreements and unite to fight the Assad regime as a single organization, and calling on the locals to organize demonstrations demanding the unification of all factions.
Afghan Taliban On Geneva Conference: ‘[We Are] Fighting And Negotiating With The American Invaders For The Success Of Jihad’
On November 27-28, 2018, 61 countries and a number of international organizations attended a two-day conference on Afghanistan held in Geneva and co-hosted by the UN and the Afghan government. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban organization) issued a statement on the conference (by memri org.).

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