Iran not to extend range of its missiles: Top security official

Iran has no scientific bottleneck to extend its missiles range but, according to its defense doctrine, the country is only focusing on improving the precision of its missiles and not on extending their ranges, said the secretary of Supreme National Security Council of Iran on Tuesday.

‘Iran will follow its space program for improving people’s life quality and increasing the country’s technological abilities, said Ali Shamkhani in a national conference on space technology at Iran University of Science and Technology.

‘Space and satellite technology can help us fight natural disasters, prevent expansion of deserts, curb deforestation, and counter precipitation reduction and drying of lands,’ Shamkhani added.

‘Without having the complete domestic space technology, moving toward all-out advancement would be just an unattainable dream.’

Touching on the issue of scientific ranking of the countries, he said that Iran is the fastest growing country in the world and hold the 16th rank, which is the fruit of correct policy-making in this field in the past 40 years.

He added that when the first oil wells were discovered in Iran, Western companies started to talk bad about the ‘bad smelling black liquid’ and said that oil is something harmful.

Even today, the media affiliated to the global hegemony, referring to Iran’s economic problems and issues related to the people’s livelihood, try to portray them as the consequence of the country’s investments in the areas of science and research and especially in the area of space, he said.

Iran’s investments in these areas are very small but they produce significant economic achievements, he stressed.

He also said that the Zionist regime of Israel and Western media are trying to relate Iran’s space program to missile capabilities, and deviate the public opinion.

Regarding the Zionist regime, he said, they boast to have a superior intelligence service.

‘There is no bigger scandal than coming to realize that the Israeli cabinet ministers have turned to be agents,’ Shamkhani said.

Hundreds of kilometers of tunnels have been dug under their feet, and the precision missiles are in the hands of the Resistance forces in Gaza Strip and Lebanon waiting to respond Tel Aviv’s probable folly with a hell.’

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