‘Hardcore’ Isis ideologues held in Syrian camps represent long-term risk, warns US-led coalition

The US-led coalition formed to defeat Isis has warned that a new generation of jihadis is being created in camps holding the families of Isis fighters.

In an exclusive interview with The Independent, Major General Alexus Grynkewich, deputy commander of the international coalition, described the potential for radicalisation in the camps as “the biggest long-term strategic risk” in the fight against the jihadi group outside of ongoing military operations.

“The anecdotal stories we have about some of the women with their children who were surrendering, if you will, is that there are hardcore Isis ideologues among them. We certainly have seen reporting from some of the partners who work in those camps that there is a fair amount of that ideology,” he said.

“The children are being brought up in that. So you can almost see the next generation of Isis in those camps today. It’s a tremendous problem.”

Tens of thousands of women and children fled the last slither of the self-proclaimed caliphate, in the eastern Syrian village of Baghouz, before its complete recapture earlier this year.

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