15 Regime, Hezbollah Fighters Killed in Syria’s Daraa in a Week

Fifteen fighters from the Syrian regime and the Lebanese Hezbollah party were killed last week in the Daraa countryside, reported the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The rights monitor said the regime and its collaborators were victim to ten attacks, ranging from assassinations to armed assaults, in the eastern and western Daraa countryside.

On Saturday, unknown gunmen attacked a military vehicle of the 52nd Brigade as it was passing through the eastern Daraa countryside. Three regime fighters were killed.

The unrest in Daraa, which is held by the regime and allied militias, has been ongoing since June. Not a day goes by without an assassination attempt that often targets regime fighters or collaborators.

Damascus has so far failed to rein in the chaos in the southern province.

The unrest has claimed the lives of 133 regime fighters and armed gunmen loyal to them, 17 members of Hezbollah and Iranian forces and six members of the Russian-established “Fifth Brigade”.

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