Space Force Commander Says Iran's Military Satellite Launches Will Continue

Amid international condemnation of Iran’s space satellite launch, a commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard (IRGC) told the state-run television there will be other military satellite launches in the future.

Ali Jafarabadi who was speaking on an evening TV show Thursday, April 23 announced that the satellite launched on Wednesday is part of a “mega-project” and “larger satellites will be deployed at higher orbits.” He predicted Iran will launch Noor 2 satellite.

Jafarabadi is a new face as an IRGC commander, heading its space command. It is the first time he appears in a public broadcast.

Despite a UN ban on Iran testing ballistic missiles, which can have a military purpose, Iran said Wednesday it had launched a military satellite into space. The United States and some of its European allies have condemned the action.

Jafarabadi also said the first satellite launched was a reconnaissance instrument while future satellites in addition to this will have communication and navigation capabilities.

Iran’s use of a ballistic missile to put a satellite in orbit can enhance its technical knowhow for developing intercontinental ballistic missiles, posing threats to the U.S. mainland and other distant targets. In conjunction with its nuclear program it can perceived as a real threat.

President Donald trump’s administration reimposed harsh economic sanction on Iran in 2018, with the purpose of forcing a new agreement that would limit both Iran’s nuclear and the missile programs.

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