Counter terrorism police fear ISIS cells are being reactivated to plot attacks across Europe after second terror arrest in Spain

Counter terrorism police are investigating whether sleepers from Islamic State have been reactivated to carry out attacks around Europe.

Spanish police have made two terror arrests in the past two weeks. The first was Britain’s most wanted IS fugitive, Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary.

This week police in Barcelona arrested an unnamed Moroccan who, according to The Mirror, was suspected of plotting to carry out a ‘lone wolf’ attack this weekend.

The Mirror quoted Spain’s Civil guard as saying the suspect was seen moving around Barcelona and ‘appearing to search for possible objectives’.

Bary, who has been linked to dead British ISIS executioner Jihadi John, is thought to have reached Spain by boat from Algeria and come ashore unnoticed just five days before his arrest.

The 29-year-old once shared sickening social media images of himself holding a decapitated head in Syria in 2014 after becoming a Muslim extremist and leaving his London home.

It has been reported Bary took advantage of Spain’s coronavirus lockdown to hide behind a face mask on the rare occasions he left the property.

On Friday Spain’s Civil Guard said: ‘The arrested man’s radicalisation and affinity for Daesh (ISIS) dates back at least four years.

‘During the current state of emergency that process of radicalisation culminated became highly noticeable and worrying.’

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