The US and EU Have Both Failed Kosovo

The only ones benefitting from the failures of Brussels and Washington in Kosovo are the autocrat Vucic and his friends in Moscow and Beijing.

It is hard to know where to begin in attempting to make sense of recent developments in the Kosovo-Serbia “dialogue”. To begin with, there is no dialogue, actually. There is, instead, an attempt by both the US and the EU to restart the long dormant talks between the two sides – but not in coordination with each other.

Judging by the last week’s events, Brussels and Washington are, if anything, trying to undermine each other’s diplomatic forays in the region.

That it as much a reflection of the cavernous gap that exists between Prishtina and Belgrade, as of the fading bond between the US and the EU and the broader architecture of the Atlantic order.

As such, this is a good moment to take stock of some structural realities that have definitively come into view.

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