Kosovo Divisions Risk Undermining EU Push for Deal with Serbia

A lack of political consensus in Kosovo on its talks with Serbia is hurting prospects of a deal being reached that would settle relations between the two.

The long-awaited resumption of European Union-mediated talks between Serbia and its former Kosovo province have caught Kosovo unprepared, with little sign of political consensus on strategy, goals or even who should sit at the negotiating table.

After an almost two-year hiatus, talks between Belgrade and Pristina resumed in mid-July as the EU sought to seize the initiative from the United States to forge a deal to settle relations between the two states, which more than two decades ago broke away in war and 12 years after it Kosovo declared independence with the backing of the major Western powers.

Analysts, however, say Kosovo’s chaotic approach risks undermining the prospects of a deal being struck.

There is a “lack of consensus that may put into question the ability of the government to reach an agreement, weakening its negotiation position vis-à-vis Serbia and as it stands it seems difficult that a two thirds majority will emerge to ratify the agreement in the Assembly of Kosovo,” said political analyst Blerim Vela.

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