Military build-up | Turkish forces withdraw their heavy weapons from frontlines to Tal Abyad, as regime reinforcement arrive in northern Raqqa

Reliable sources have informed SOHR that Turkish forces and their proxy factions withdrew part of their heavy weapons from the frontlines with SDF in rural Tel Abyad and Ain Issa, north of Raqqa.

Tanks, armoured vehicles and artillery were seen moving from the frontlines and the Turkish base in Khirbet Fares in Tel Abyad countryside to the city of Tal Abyad within the “Peace Spring” areas, without knowing the reasons.

Yesterday, SOHR activists said that military reinforcement of regime forces arrived in Ain Issa area, north of Raqqa province this evening, consisting of 15 buses carrying soldiers and logistics materials, heading to the regime forces’ positions in the 93rd Brigade.

On September 13, Russian forces brought in logistical reinforcement and prefabricated rooms from their military base in the town of Tal al-Samn to the town of Ain Issa, north of Raqqa.

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