Report: secret group captured Israeli Mossad officers in Lebanon

A secret group which identified itself as the Freedom movement claimed to have captured at least two Israeli Mossad agents in Lebanon, Aliwaa newspaper said.

The Intel Sky Twitter account on Wednesday published a video clip saying “a party calling itself a freedom movement claims that they captured Israeli Mossad officers and publishes a short video clip of them, and they promise Netanyahu to pay the price!”.

The video showed a middle-aged man who identified himself as David Benn Rosie an Israeli Mossad agent in addition to a photograph of another unknown person and a third empty circle with multiple question marks implying that the group had captured a third person.

The video clip concluded with a photograph of Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, with the caption “You will pay” in Arabic and Hebrew.

The Palestine Top Secret Facebook account published a statement, saying the Israeli intelligence officers had been arrested while carrying out cross-border security missions. According to the statement, David Ben Rousie is an Israeli scientist in the field of petrochemicals.

No statement has been issued by the Israeli government.

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