Idlib | Turkish jets fly over Syria border strip with Iskenderun, while HTS fires rockets on regime positions in Kafr Nubl

Syrian Observatory activists have monitored Turkish jets “F16” flying over the border strip between Idlib and Iskenderun region. Meanwhile, Hayyaat Tahrir Al-Sham fired several rockets on regime positions in Kafr Nubl city in southern Idlib.

SOHR sources said earlier this morning that regime forces fired several rockets in the early hours of Tuesday morning, targeting positions in Al-Fterah, Kansafrah, Sfuhen, Fulayfel, Bayanin, Abdita, Al-Bara and Ihsim in Jabal Al-Zawiyah in southern Idlib.

Meanwhile, opposition factions shelled regime positions in nearby Kafr Nubl in the southern countryside of Idlib.

Yesterday, Observatory activists monitored rocket fire by rebels on the regime-controlled town of Saraqeb in the east of Idlib city. No casualties were reported. Regime forces shelled earlier that day the village of Kafr Oweid in Jabal al-Zawiya with artillery.

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