Benny Gantz signs seizure orders for terror funds

Amounting to hundreds of thousands of shekels, the orders targeted funds and property given by Hamas and the PA.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz has signed four seizure orders for Hamas funds and property that had been transferred to family members of terrorists in Israel on Monday.

The orders targeted funds transferred by both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority to Palestinians serving prison sentences in Israeli jails for terror attacks, as well as to family members of terrorists who were killed during the attacks.

The orders included the seizure of NIS 187,000 intended for the mother of Abd el-Rahman Shaloudi, a 21-year-old Palestinian from Silwan who rammed his car into a crowd of people next to the light rail station in east Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

A three-month-old and 22-year-old Karen Jemima Mosquera from Ecuador were killed in the attack and seven others were injured. Shaloudi, a known Hamas supporter, was shot by police and died of his wounds.

Anas Rabhi Sayed Shaludi, an Israeli resident, was issued an administrative seizure order for the NIS 187,000, which was transferred to her by Hamas.
“These payments are part of the systematic and organized activities of terror organizations to intensify terror attacks and to reward prisoners and their families,” the Defense Ministry said.

The seizure orders that cumulatively amount to hundreds of thousands of shekels, were signed as part of an economic campaign by Israel against terrorism that includes the Defense Ministry’s National Bureau for Counter Terror Financing along with the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency), IDF, Israel Police, the Foreign Ministry and other bodies.

In September, Gantz signed another four seizure orders amounting to millions of shekels for Hamas funds and property in Gaza and around the world.

“We will continue to act against terror in every way it acts, everywhere,” Gantz said at the time. “The defense establishment, through the National Economic Counterterrorism headquarters in the Defense Ministry, will pursue terror organizations in Israel and around the world, and will interrupt the distribution of terror funds.”

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