Sudanese protesters burn Israeli flag, reject normalization with Israel

Sudanese protesters marching in Khartoum set the Israeli flag on fire on Wednesday, expressing their rejection of normalizing relations with Israel.
According to the local newspaper Al-Intibaha, the demonstrators chanted slogans against establishing relations with Israel and demanded that political parties who have supported the step revise their position.
Photos and videos of Sudanese protesters burning the Israeli flag have since circulated on social media.

Demonstrators in Khartoum burn the Israeli flag in a message to the government against normalizing ties between #Sudan and #Israel.
— Joe Truzman (@Jtruzmah) October 21, 2020

The Al-Hadaf newspaper, owned by the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party, posted photos on its Facebook page of the incident, with the caption: “The protesters burned the flag of the Zionist entity during the 21 October marches in Khartoum,” the Middle East Monitor reported.

The incident took place on the same day that an Israeli delegation reportedly visited the Sudanese capital to discuss the peace agreement and prepare for its announcement.

The official announcement followed a couple of days later and was made by US President Donald Trump, who brokered the agreement.

Sudan had expressed mixed signals regarding its stance on normalizing relations with Israel.

While the civilian leadership in the Sudanese transitional government, led by Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok, has resisted diplomatic relations with Israel, the military leadership, with chairman of the Sudanese Sovereignty Council Abdel Fatah al-Burhan and his No. 2, Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, expressed public support on different occasions for creating such ties leading to the agreement.

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