Russia Warns Militants in Idleb Preparing New Provocation Using Drones

Russia has said that militants in Idleb are preparing an attack in Idleb, with the intention of blaming Russia and the Syrian forces for attacking civilians writes Al-Masdar.

The Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria announced that militants are preparing to carry out an attack using a drone to accuse Russia and the Syrian authorities of launching raids on civilians in Idleb.

The deputy head of the Russian Center, Marine Major General Alexander Greenkiewicz, said in a statement on Monday that the center, “received new information about terrorist groups’ plans to accuse the Syrian government forces and the Russian Aerospace Forces of artillery and airstrikes on centers under the control of illegal armed formations in the Idleb de-escalation zone.”

Greenkiewicz added that the militants are planning to target civilian infrastructure sites in the village of Nahla with a drone, then publish videos of the attack on the Internet and accuse the Syrian government forces and the Russian Aerospace Forces.

The Russian Reconciliation Center called on the leaders of the militants to abandon provocations and agree to a peaceful settlement in the areas they control.

They did not specify how they came about this information about the potential provocation.

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