Khaled Mishaal calls on Turkey to double its efforts in Palestinian cause

Khaled Mishaal, former head of the political bureau of Hamas Movement, praised on Saturday Turkey’s role in supporting the Palestinian cause. He called on it to redouble efforts at the official and local levels to support all the occupied Palestinian territories in general, and Al-Quds (Jerusalem) and Gaza Strip in particular.

This came in the Forum of Turkish Scholars for Al-Quds, which was held in a teleconference, sponsored by the Palestine Scholars Association Abroad. Several Turkish scholars and officials attended the conference in addition to a number of renowned Islamic scholars.

Mishaal said, “The Turkish supportive position of the free people of the Islamic nation will strengthen their steadfast position in rejecting normalization and Zionist domination.”

He praised the Turkish stand toward the Palestinian cause and asked the Turkish government to reinforce the concepts of the Palestinian cause and the culture in schools, universities and mosques.

The Hamas leader also proposed establishment of special committees on the Palestinian issue and Jerusalem in all Turkish, Arab and Islamic civil society institutions.

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