Syrian Army Enters East Daraa Town Amid New Military Operation

After surrounding the town and cutting off roads to and from the area, the Syrian army has enter al-Karak in search of militant sleeper cells reports Al-Masdar.

The Syrian army entered the town of al-Karak on Thursday, following a string of recent attacks by militant sleeper cells against the military and security forces in Daraa Governorate.

The army surrounded the town of al-Karak near the border of Suweida Governorate, cordoning off the roads leading to and from the area.

The army entered the town in search of the militants who carried out an ambush against the forces of the Air Force Intelligence near al-Karak earlier this week.

This latest operation comes just days after several attacks were carried out by militant sleeper cells inside Daraa Governorate, which also coincided with the Syrian Arab Army’s raids in the al-Balad District.

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