Assassination of Iranian Nuclear Scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh Mahabadi—Assassins’ Motives beyond Iran.

Short analysis by:
Ejaz Hussain,

The assassination of Dr Fakhrizadeh on Friday 27 November is not just ‘another’ incident—it’s causality is greater than it’s aftermath. Having followed closely the roadmap to JCPOA (October 2015), course of negotiations in Switzerland and Austria, and post-JCPOA developments—the compass of my anschauung of this highly planned killing is much wider than the prism of the world media.

The final decision to eliminate Fakhrizadeh was perhaps taken last Sunday 22 November, in a semi-secretive meeting in the Saudi coastal resort of Neom—attended by Mike Pompeo, Benjamin Netanyahu, Yossi Cohen and Prince MBS.

The killing of Dr Fakhrizadeh is a deja vu of General Qasim Slueimani who was assassinated earlier this year on 3 January after a long three-way phonechat among MBS, Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu, on the evening of 2019 Boxing Day.

The wide-gob TV anchors are pouring their monolithic views about Fakhrizadeh’s assassination. Some say the outgoing President Trump will make the most of the power transfer transition period—taking big decisions to please his external partners/friends. Some say this killing will reduce Iran’s negotiating prowess—should Joe Biden/Tony Blinken revive the JCPOA. Some global security pundits comment, this assassination was aimed at infuriating Iran, instigating it to react with military force against Israel—in turn prompting the US and it’s regional allies (Israel, KSA, UAE and Bahrain) to declare an all-out war on Iran.

A few wannabe experts went on to say on some Arab TV channels that, Iran might attack KSA, which will further divide the Muslim world—hence serving the interests of the anti-Islam/Muslim lobbies worldwide. A number of experts in ME security consider that if Iran reacts militarily, new administration in Washington will not rekindle the JCPOA dialogue. This argument serves the regional interests of the recently ‘wed-knotted’—Israel, UAE and Bahrain, and soon to-be a third Israeli bride from the GCC clan, the KSA.

I travelled to Iran after assassination of General Qasim Seleimani and met with dozens of key people representing Iran’s ruling hierarchy. They wanted their government to respond with equal military force—against Israel, and US military bases in Iraq.

I am quite certain that after Fakhrizadeh’s killing, the same people will be urging the Supreme Leader to authorise a robust military measure against Israel—at least. Perhaps—the Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrullah may have offered his militia to hit back as they did in 2006-07.

If the Iranian nuclear establishment has reached the point where they can assemble or ‘borrow’ a few nuclear weapons with delivery systems—they may wait for Joe Biden to take over the White House and then decide how to deal with Tel Aviv. But one thing is for sure, Iran will NOT attack any Muslim country, whatsoever happens—and this is the centrepiece of it’s military doctrine.

There are reports that India offered KSA a few years ago to launch the Saudi nuclear programme, but neither Obama nor Trump authorised that—and I am fairly certain that even Joe Biden would do the same.

But if Tel Aviv makes such offer to KSA— the AIPAC lobby is so strong that White House, UK or EU will acquiesce.

I wouldn’t be surprised to learn if a few Israeli nuclear scientists are already in MBS’s Saudi Arabia or MBZ’s UAE. To me—this recently signed Abraham Peace Accord (13 August 2020) by Israel-UAE-Bahrain resonates the Holy Alliance (26 September 1815)—signed by Austria-Prussia-Russia. The Holy Alliance was brokered by the Romanov Tsar Alexander-I (1777-1825), whereas Abraham Accord was ‘stock-brokered’ by US President Donald Trump.

Interestingly, then British foreign secretary, Castlereigh called the Holy Alliance as—“a piece of sublime mysticism, and nonsense”.

Whereas, I call the Abraham Accord as—‘a UAE-Bahrain joint act of conceiving an Israeli baby, online—amidst Coronavirus pandemic’.
The history bears testimony to the fact that post-Napoleon Europe was taxed with alliances and counter-alliances—of Metternich (1773-1859), Louis Napoleon (1808-1873), Bismarck (1815-1898), and finally Wilhelm-II (1859-1941). From 1815 to 1914, as many as 27 secretive alliances were signed by European powers—culminating into the outbreak of World War-I (1914-18).

The way the leaders of the BNW (brave new world) are once again entering into secret blocs and alliances to achieve vague goals of military primacy, it seems that the world is once again heading for another war—which will be the mother of all wars. Just one bad decision—deliberate or inadvertent—will drag the entire planet into a nuclear Armageddon. And there are plenty of maverick/ambitious and psychopathic rulers—old and young, elected by 1.3 billion imbecilic masses or ruling by hereditary divine rights—are far more jeopardous in approach and carcinogenic in intent than Hitler, Mussolini, Franco and Pol Pot.

The rulers of KSA and UAE may not bear the pressure from Joe Biden’s administration—although newly nominated SoS Tony Blinken, being a Jew is supporter of the AIPAC—if Israel becomes the nuclear mentor of KSA/UAE, nothing could impede such possibility.

The UAE and Bahrain have acted as KSA’s ‘advance’ party to recognise the state of Israel. Prince MBS will make a decision soon—adding to his landscape of cosmetic reforms.

However, he is in a catch-22–‘drink wine and have gout, drink no wine and have gout too’. That said, if he acknowledges Israel, he surely will inflict sentiments of nearly 2 billion Muslims on the planet— Sudeiri-Saudis are the custodian of Muslims’ two holiest places of worship. If MBS doesn’t recognise Israel, he wouldn’t secure full support of the AIPAC—hence the United States. He thinks that such support will ensure his regime longevity amidst fear of retaliation from the three dozen royals repeatedly arrested and humiliated on his own direct orders. Prince MBS has consulted several fortune tellers in the east and the west—he is macabred by an ever-lurking crimson coup-from-the-cousins.

In the labyrinthine world of mercurial MBS, acquiring a Sudeiri-Saudi (nuclear) Bomb with the Israeli support, is much more greater gain than losing trust of the entire Muslim Ummah.

A compelling question arises from these two high profile Iranian assassinations of 2020, did Israel use the US military satellites or the Mossad has already acquired it’s own MilSat supertech for monitoring, surveillance and reconnaissance of Tel Aviv’s adversaries—Iran on top of the list.

In both cases the acquisition or procurement of MilSat capability is an existential threat to all countries critical of Israeli continued oppression of Palestinian, Syrian and Lebanese Arabs—let alone returning the vast swathes of Arab territories annexed illegally after the Six-Day War (June 1967). If this is the case, Mossad can hit any target on the globe with complete immunity from the international criminal justice system—Israel gives a damn to the UN OHCHR or the ICJ.

As I have been writing and commenting on India joining this super league of evils—well, the BJP/RSS are already partners with Mossad.

If India acquires a MilSat subscription from the US or Israel—it’s GESTAPO style R&A Wing can eliminate any HVT (high-value target) in Pakistan, or even in China.

I am sure the twin-city mandarins of Pakistan’s national security & prosperity, must have examined half a dozen probable scenarios in this regard—if a most sensitive place or person is precision-targeted in Pakistan.

There is a growing need to do capacity building of our public. Instead of allowing them to remain eternal clients of unscrupulous/self-centred political elites selling hatred and rebellion against the state institutions—there must be launched a national programme for educating youth. We need to invest into their future—quality education, self importance, patriotism and human intelligence.

Unless the public is fully trained and involved as stakeholders—the government can’t achieve anything towards prosperity, stability and security.

“Eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty”—said General James Jackson (1790-1871).

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