Hezbollah condemns Morocco-Zionist regime agreement on normalization of relations

Hezbollah denounced on Friday Morocco’s announcement of normalizing ties with the Zionist enemy, considering it comes in the context of the gradual fall of some Arab states in response to the US and Israeli desires to eradicate the Palestinian cause.

In a statement, Hezbollah stressed those regime’s belief that submission to the US-Zionist blackmailing policy helps them to make gains or escape sanctions is a mere illusion.

The Arab regimes seeking normalization of ties with the Zionist entity will reap nothing but disappointment, according to the statement which added that their countries will be exposed to all the Israeli perilous conspiracies.

Hezbollah emphasized that the real bet is on the free Moroccan people, who resisted the French colonialism for long years, and all the peoples of our honorable Umma that rejects all the forms of normalization, will overthrow the treacherous deals, and is going to support strongly the Palestinian people.

Hezbollah statement concluded that the Palestinian people has never been shaken by the humiliation and disgrace deals and will continue its fight until achieving victory and complete liberation.

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