Syrian desert | Over 65 Russian airstrikes hit ISIS positions in 24 hours

Syrian Observatory activists have documented a spike in the number of Russian airstrikes on the Syrian desert in the past 24 hours, as the Russian fighter jets executed 65 airstrikes targeting ISIS positions in Alepp-Hama-Al-Raqqah triangle and other positions in the desert, amid reports of casualties.

Observatory sources had monitored three Russian fighter jets consecutively targeting ISIS positions in the Syrian desert at Hama-Aleppo-Al-Raqqah triangle, as the Russian jets executed nearly 35 airstrikes since morning. The Russian airstrikes coincided with frequent flight by Russian reconnaissance drones over the desert in order to track down ISIS members.

On January 12, SOHR activists said that three Russian jets consecutively struck the Syrian desert, along with an attack by ISIS members on positions of the regime-backed forces in the deserts of al-Ghanem al-Ali and Al-Buhamaid in the eastern countryside of Al-Raqqah.

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