Syrian Army and ISIS Engage in Fierce Battles in Central Syria

Violent clashes have broken out near Hama between the Syrian Arab Army and ISIS, according to Al-Masdar.

The eastern countryside of Hama witnessed, at dawn on Wednesday, February 3, violent clashes between units of the Syrian Arab Army and cells affiliated with the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist organization.

According to reports from the Homs Governorate, ISIS attempted to launch an attack on the sites and points of the Syrian Army around the axis of al-Fasidah, located east of an archaeological area in the eastern Hama countryside.

The reports said that fierce clashes broke out between the Syrian Arab Army and ISIS on Wednesday, resulting in heavy casualties on both sides.

These clashes prompted the Russian Aerospace Forces to launch a series of airstrikes between the Hama, Homs, and Raqqa Governorates, as they attempted to disperse the terrorist cells from the area.

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