Accompanied by the Russian Military Police, Army Commanders Enter Tafas, Daraa

On Thursday, a large convoy of high ranking Syrian officers entered the city of Tafas in the western countryside of Daraa, accompanied by a Russian Military Police officer.

Major General Hussam Luqa, head of the security committee in Daraa, Major General Ali Asaad, Commander of the First Corps, Brigadier General Luay al-Ali, head of the Military Intelligence Division in the southern region, and Brigadier Dharar al-Dandal, chief of police in Daraa province, entered Tafas, accompanied by the Russian military police.

Local sources told Baladi News that these leaders left the city after the meeting of the Central Committee members in the western countryside of Daraa.

The forces of the Assad regime deployed Thursday morning in the National Hospital in the city of Tafas and the municipal council building, before leaving after hours.

This step comes according to the terms of the agreement concluded Monday, with the guarantee of the Russian military police.

The implementation of the agreement began Tuesday, with inspection of farms around the city of Tafas, and the evacuation of some government centers by local fighters.

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