Iran-Backed Militias Move Weapons to IS Tunnels in Syria: Report

Iran-backed militias, known as Fatemioon in Syria, have begun moving their weapons, ammunition, and rockets to the underground tunnels previously dug by the Islamic State (IS), a report said.

Since the beginning of the Syrian Crisis, Iran has developed a huge presence on the ground through militia groups it supports, including Fatemioon, which is made up of Afghans refugees in Iran.

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the militia group previously used used animal farms in the countryside of Deir Ez-Zur as its weapons warehouse, but they have suffered massive damages from repeated Israeli airstrikes.

Therefore, according to the report, the militia groups are now using IS-made underground tunnels as their warehouse to hide from the future strikes.

Iran supports Bashar al-Assad’s regime to maintain its regional hegemony on the Israeli borders, its arch enemy that it claims should be ‘removed from the maps’.

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