Militant Reveals Funds for Pro-Western Groups in Syria Stolen by Field Commanders, US Officers

“The stealing originates from Mohammed al-Tal, who is the commander of the Mahavir al-Saura group. This happens in close coordination with the US command stationed there. They promise to pay $700-$800, but in reality people get only $300, and the rest is misappropriated,” Muayed Alabein said, TASS reported.

Alabein spent several years in the Rukban camp, where he ran two shops and was procuring for US-controlled militants using the money he had received from abroad. At some point, he was allowed to leave the camp in order to form a network of agents on the territory controlled by the Syrian government, but was captured.

Another militant captured by the Syrian government troops told reporters in the past few years, no humanitarian aid has been delivered to the Syrian territory controlled by US forces and pro-Washington militant groups, including the Rukban refugee camp.

“No humanitarian aid is being sent there [to the Rukban refugee camp], the Americans give us nothing,” Mohammad Baraji Najra stated.

Baraji Najra added he had fought alongside pro-US militants since 2016, and was trained to use weapons and drones under supervision of US specialists. However, he was badly injured and lost his eye three years ago. Since the injury made him unfit for combat, the militant was sent to the Rukban refugee camp, but fled it and was captured by Syrian government troops.

Alabein also noted that even US-backed militants have a very limited food supply.

“They receive two boxes of food every month. They keep one for themselves and give the second one to their families. Only those affiliated with the Mahavir group or working for them are fine. They have food and money. The rest live in awful conditions, because there is practically no food and everyone is trying to survive the best he can,” Alabein continued.

Syria has been mired in a war since 2011, with government forces led by President Bashar Assad fighting opposition groups and terrorist organizations. With assistance from Russia, Syrian government troops have regained most of the country’s territory formerly controlled by the militants.

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