Iran’s Cargo Ship Attacked in Mediterranean

Iran’s cargo ship Shahr-e Kord was attacked in the international waters of the Mediterranean on Wednesday, Spokesman for the Iranian Shipping Company Ali Ghiasian said, adding that part of the vessel was damaged in the terrorist attack.

Ghiasian said on Friday that the Shahr-e Kord cargo ship, belonging to the Islamic Republic of Iran Container Transportation Company, came under a terrorist attack, adding that the ship was on route from Iran to Europe.

“After the explosive object hit the ship, a small fire broke out which was immediately put out by timely efforts of the ship’s commander and crew, and no crew was injured,” he said.

“The Iranian ship Shahr-e Kord will continue its route after an assessment of the extent of the damage and repairing is done,” Ghiasian further said.

He described such a terrorist act a clear example of piracy and stressed that it was against international law ruling over commercial shipping security and that legal action would be taken to identify the perpetrators through relevant international bodies.

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