US State Department Responds to UAE Criticism of Caesar Act

In its response to the UAE’s criticism of the Caesar Act, the US State Department stressed the importance of the Bashar al-Assad regime and its supporters to resort to political dialogue and open the way for humanitarian aid.

A US State Department of State spokesperson commented to Al-Hurra TV on the statements of the UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed in which he criticized the Caesar Act.

“I believe that stability in Syria and the wider region can only be achieved through a political process that represents the will of all Syrians, and we are committed to working with allies, partners, and the United Nations to ensure that a political solution is kept within reach,” the spokesperson said.

“The very serious humanitarian crisis in Syria is a direct result of the Bashar al-Assad regime’s obstruction of life-saving aid, systemic corruption, and economic mismanagement,” he added.

According to Abdullah bin Zayed, “it is imperative that the regime and its supporters engage seriously in political dialogue and allow humanitarian aid to reach comm

unities in need, in order to achieve a sustainable end to the suffering of the Syrian people.”

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