Clashes Continued Between the Fourth Division and Iranian Militias in Damascus

Media sources in Damascus reported that the security situation in the Sayedah Zainab area is still witnessing great tension between the Iranian militias on the one hand, and the Fourth Division of government forces on the other hand, after a conflict that broke out between them in late March.

The sources said that explosions were being heard throughout the area after the outbreak of violent clashes for the third day in a row on the western outskirts of the Sayedah Zainab area from the Hujairah and al-Buwayda side.

The source added that nine members of the Fourth Division were missing in the orchards surrounding the Sayedah Zainab area, and confirmed that a group of Iranian militias kidnapped members of the Fourth Division in an ambush there.

The conflict between the two parties came as the area has become entirely outside government control. The government is now trying to retrieve authority in the region.

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