Horn of Africa: A blamegame

Once again we see US and Europe on the basis of false information and misleading campaigns have a destructive influence and lacks understanding of the peace process in The Horn of Africa.

For 80 years, the UN and the international community disregarded Eritrea’s rights.

The peace agreement in 2018 between Ethiopia and Eritrea was a welcome development in a region, where people are longing for peace and development.

But sadly the former ruling clique in TPLF that ruled Ethiopia for more than 20 years and blocked peace with Eritrea, started in 2020 a military aggression within Ethiopia and against Eritrea. An aggression that ended in total defeat.

To understand this development, Africa-Talks with Ruby Sandhu has interviewed Yafet Zereou, Zelealom Tessema, Martin Zimmermann and John Graversgaard.

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