Should Kosovo’s Ruling Party Play Opposition Politics in Albania?

The involvement of Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti and his Vetevendosje party in backing opposition candidates in Albania’s elections risks creating divisions between the two countries when they should be working together to tackle the pandemic.

Members of Kosovo’s government and MPs from the ruling Vetevendosje party headed to neighbouring Albania over the weekend, a couple of weeks ahead of the Albanian parliamentary elections on April 25.

Almost all of them have posted on social media their support for three candidates running for parliament in Albania. Although officially independent, the three candidates in different municipalities enjoy the open endorsement of Vetevendosje.

Immediately after the February 14 parliamentary elections in Kosovo, Kurti went to Tirana and called on Albanian citizens to vote for the three candidates. His Facebook page has also been full of endorsements for the three candidates in the neighbouring state’s elections.

His intervention is not something new, as Kurti has on many occasions taken a stance on Albania’s internal issues. He came out in support of protests against the controversial demolition of the National Theatre in Tirana last year, and several days ago he called for the protection of the River Vjosa in Albania, which environmentalists claim is threatened by the building of hydropower plants.

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