Sirens heard in Sderot as 3 rockets launched into Israel from Gaza

It is possible there were multiple interceptions by the Iron Dome defense system.

Rocket sirens went off in Sderot and in the Gaza border area in the early hours of Monday morning as three rockets were launched into Israel from the Gaza Strip.
The IDF confirmed that two of the rockets were intercepted, with a video of one interception shared on social media. The third rocket fell in an open area near Gaza.

תיעוד: היירוטים מעל שדרות
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הירי לדרום נמשך: שתי רקטות ששוגרו לישראל יורטו, רקטה שלישית נפלה בשטח הרצועה@Itsik_zuarets (צילום: דדי פולד)
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The rocket barrage on Monday follows the launching of two other rockets from the Gaza Strip Sunday night.

The first rocket landed in an open field between Netiv HaAsara and Kibbutz Erez, Ynet reported.
The second rocket also landed in an open area in the Gaza Envelope.
No injuries or damaged property were reported.
In response to the continued rocket fire, the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) announced early on Monday that the fishing zone along the coast of the Gaza Strip would be closed completely starting at 6 a.m. Earlier in the night, COGAT had announced that the fishing zone would be restricted from 15 to nine miles, but the decision was made to completely close the zone after a second barrage of rockets overnight.
The recent rockets are the latest in a series of barrages launched into Israel from the Hamas-controlled coastal enclave over the weekend. However, it seems the red alert app may have failed to notify Israelis this time.
Around 40 rockets have been launched since the weekend.

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