Qatar Declares “Understanding and Rapprochement” with Russia on the Syrian File

Qatar has uncovered the existence of rapprochement and understanding with Russia according to the new Qatari ambassador to Moscow, Ahmed bin Nasser bin Jassim al-Thani.

Thani has said that Qatar and Russia have reached an “understanding” in the Syrian file, with the aim of reaching “a solution and ending the suffering of the Syrian people.”

“There is an understanding about the Syrian crisis between Qatar and Russia,” Thani said in an interview with the Russian Kommersant newspaper.

On March 11, Qatar hosted a tripartite meeting that included the foreign ministers of Russia, Qatar, and Turkey, which announced the launch of a new consultative platform between the three countries on the Syrian file.

The platform is the first political track on Syria in which Arab countries participate as key players. Arab countries have previously participated in the Astana talks with an observer role only, such as Egypt, Iraq, and Lebanon.

Russia is trying to return the Bashar al-Assad regime to the Arab League, but its move collides with US rejection, and the position of some Arab countries that reject the Russian move and support the Syrian opposition.

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