Rockets, Drone Launched at Israel From North, as Well

While Israel is dealing with hundreds of rockets fired daily on its territory from the Gaza Strip, the past 24 hours have forced it to deal with attempted penetrations on its northern and eastern borders as well. Early Tuesday morning, The Israeli military shot down a drone approaching the northern city of Beit She’an.

The military is investigating whether the unmanned aerial vehicle was launched from Jordan or Syria. Late Monday evening, six rockets were fired from southern Lebanon toward Israel.

According to Jerusalem, five of the projectiles, which Palestinian factions were thought to have launched, failed to travel the distance and exploded in Lebanese territory. Israel responded with artillery fire, and bomb shelters were opened across the country’s northern border towns.

On Friday, several Lebanese citizens broke through the border fence and entered Israel, only to be pushed back by Israeli tank fire. One Hizbullah operative was reportedly killed in the incident.

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