Houthi missiles fall on border village in southwestern Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s civil defense said on Wednesday that several missiles fired by the Iran-backed Houthi militia from inside Yemen landed in the Kingdom.

Lt. Col. Mohannad bin Jasser Zailai, deputy media spokesman for the Civil Defense Directorate in Jazan region, said authorities attended the site to find five missiles near a main road of one of the border villages in Jazan.

The spokesman said there were no casualties reported.

The Houthi militia has stepped up attempts to target civilian and economic objects in Saudi Arabia amid mounting international and Arab condemnation.

The Houthis have struck Abha airport a number of times in recent years, killing one person, injuring dozens and on one occasion causing a passenger aircraft to catch fire.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation strongly condemned the attack and reiterated in a statement its support for all measures taken by the Kingdom to protect its lands, security and stability.

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