Kosovo Youngsters Channel Frustrated Energy Into Feeding the Poor

Defying the limitations imposed by the pandemic, many youngsters in Pristina have found release for their untapped energy in a community centre where volunteers assist the poor and homeless.

While many social activities resumed in Kosovo after the total lockdown imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic last year from March to April 2020, they were still allowed only a limited number of participants, up to 50, all keeping a 1.5-2-metre distance.

However, this did not stop some youngsters from finding ways to remain active and help those in need, while following the restrictions.

In the midst of the pandemic, while respecting the COVID-19 prevention measures, new volunteers joined a local initiative called Termokiss, turning an old warehouse in the capital, Pristina, into their new home.

The community centre was established in 2016 as an initiative of youngsters from Pristina in collaboration with a Belgium organisation, Toestand, which had constructed a similar community centre in Belgium, and a third organisation, InfoQuartier Mache, from Switzerland.

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