Bosnia’s EUFOR Mission Endangered by Russia-West Row over New Overseer

Germany’s unilateral push to appoint a new High Representative in Bosnia has angered Russia, with direct ramifications for the EU’s military mission and the stability of the country.

In the end, Germany got their man. Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Peace Implementation Council, PIC, has approved the nomination of German parliamentarian Christian Schmidt – despite Russia’s objections – as the country’s next High Representative. Valentine Inzko leaves the position as the longest serving High Representative, and possibly the least consequential, especially given the length of his tenure.

But now that Schmidt has received the formal nod from the PIC, the real trouble begins.

As I noted in December, when Germany’s installation of the former Minister of Food and Agriculture was leaked to the Bosnian media, it remains unclear what, if any, coherent policy framework stands behind this change in personnel.

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