Qatar ‘funneled millions of dollars’ to Al-Qaeda-affiliate terrorists in Syria: British media

Nine Syrians are accusing several Qatari figures and institutes of funding terrorist fighters in Syria in a case filed at a UK court, according the Times of London.

In a claim issued this week from the High Court in London, the Syrian individuals are claiming damages for financial losses, torture, arbitrary detention and threats of execution endured as part of a scheme or at the hands of Nusra Front, which is an Al-Qaeda affiliate.

The files at the case allege that some top Qatari politicians, businessmen, charities and civil servants used one of the emir’s private offices and two banks to funnel hundreds of millions of dollars to the Nusra Front.

The Times said that according to the court papers, which they have seen, the Qatar state along with the Muslim Brotherhood group have come up with a plan to “actively support and facilitate” Nusra Front extremists during the Syrian civil war.

Over-priced construction contracts, property purchases and payments helped moved the money, according to the allegations.

Qatar National Bank and Doha Bank are accused of facilitating the transactions, according to the report.

All the accused have strongly and categorically denied the allegations.

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