Conservative Kurz remains silent as progressives celebrate

The Austrian Green-chief congratulated his German sister party for their “best result in history” and says that the current constellation “is a great opportunity to enter government on the federal level.” The result of the German Greens is “good news for the future of our children in Europe,” he added.

The liberal NEOS were also congratulating their counterpart in Germany: “A strong vote for the liberals means the strengthening of the centre,” NEOS leader Beate Meinl-Reisinger commented on Twitter.

The Austrian Social Democrats called the result “a historic success” for the SPD, with SPÖ delegation leader in the European Parliament, Andreas Schieder, emphasising that this election “is the opportunity for a progressive shift in all of the European Union.”

However, one person remained suspiciously silent: the conservative chancellor Sebastian Kurz, who neither commented on the historic bad results of the CDU nor the victory of the Social Democrats.

“The result in Germany opens up different coalition constellations, and the next weeks will show who will become the next chancellor in Germany,” Kurz told the APA.

However, the Chancellor was confident that the “good collaboration with the future government will continue” as Germany and Austria are “close partners and friends,” Kurz added.

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