Uganda, Congo Intensify Fight Against Islamic State-Linked Group

Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo plan to intensify a joint military offensive against Islamic State-linked militants and degrade their ability to attack civilians.

The first phase of the campaign against the Allied Democratic Forces that began with bombardments on Nov. 30 led to the capture of several of the militants’ camps, according to a statement from the office of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni.

Routes have been secured in eastern Congo to enable ground forces to pursue the militants who also operate as the Islamic State’s self-proclaimed Central Africa Province.

“We should really work together and finish this problem,” Museveni said in the statement. “We are now ready for phase two.”

Forces from the two nations went after the militants who claimed responsibility for bombings in Uganda, one of which left at least seven people dead in the capital, Kampala, in November.

Museveni met with Congo’s defense officials in Kampala over the weekend. He urged the Congolese government to create a community defense system that will try and avoid further insurgencies, especially in areas secured by the joint forces.

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