Anti-Liberal Russian Philosopher Dugin In Article Titled ‘Russia And China As The Vanguard Of Multipolarity’: The West-Led Unipolarity Is ‘Collapsing’

In an article published February 5, 2022, titled “Russia And China As The Vanguard Of Multipolarity,” anti-liberal Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin stressed that the West-led unipolarity is “collapsing.” According to Dugin, Russia and China are the only two powers that that are “capable” of “effectively challenging” the Western “hegemony,” as Russia being a military power and China being an economic power.

Dugin noted that the recent talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing leave no doubt that the building of a comprehensive Eurasian project that can challenge the West is serious, and that “nothing can stop it.”[1]

Below is Dugin’s article:[2]

‘Russia Is A Military Power And China Is An Economic Power’

“The crisis that the relations between Russia and the West are experiencing today has nothing to do with gas, oil, energy resources or the economy. Attempts to explain politics as a kind of competition for a certain ‘Prize,’ as [American author] Daniel Yergin does, are quite superficial and vain. What is happening is part of the struggles between civilizations and geopolitical conflicts where economic issues are secondary and instrumental.

“Civilizing processes revolve around ideology and this is precisely what explains much of what is happening with the Biden administration. The U.S. today is ruled by an ultra-globalist alliance that unites neoconservatives with liberal hawks. They all know that unipolarity, global liberalism and western hegemony are collapsing and they are willing to do anything – even start World War III – to prevent that from happening.

“Globalists face many enemies, including Islam, populism (including Trump), conservatism, political Islam, etc. However, there are only two powers that are capable of effectively challenging its hegemony: Russia and China. Russia is a military power and China is an economic power.

“This is where geopolitics becomes relevant. Biden wants to distance Russia from Europe as it aspires to become independent. That is why the fires of war are being fanned in Ukraine and in Donbass in particular. Russia and Putin are demonized by the media and accused of invading their neighbors. Although there is no invasion, Washington behaves as if it happened. Thus, all kinds of sanctions are imposed and it is even proposed to carry out military operations in Donbass. And since everyone in the West takes a Russian invasion for granted, any military operation the Ukrainians carry out in Donbass will surely be supported by NATO as a war of ‘self-defense.’ Furthermore, the media campaign against Russia is expected to avoid any symmetrical response on our part, because otherwise Europe would sever all diplomatic relations with Moscow.

“Meanwhile, disputes over gas and Nord Stream-2 are nothing more than a war of position.

“The same applies to China. Biden promoted the creation of two anti-Chinese alliances: one formed by Anglo-Saxons (Australia, Great Britain) that is known as AUCUS and another formed by a coalition of Asian countries, particularly Japan and India, that is called QUAD. China faces in Taiwan a situation very similar to what Russia faces in relation to Ukraine and the objective remains the same: to prevent Chinese economic expansion through the Belt and Belt project.

“The Russian-Chinese alliance is a first step towards the restoration of the Chinese ‘Great Space’ and the creation of a comprehensive Eurasian project, as formulated by the leaders of these countries several years ago. Such a project implies the definitive end of Western hegemony. The current meetings that Putin and Xi Jinping are holding leave no doubt that this project is serious and nothing can stop it, explains the hysterical outburst of the ultra-liberal and globalist Soros. So far, the West repeats word for word all the maxims of Atlanticist geopolitics from its beginnings in Mackinder to its last formulations in Brzezinski. The time has come for the confrontation between the Power of the Sea (liberal, globalist) against the Power of the Earth (Eurasia).

“Now, Russia and China are in favor of the birth of other autonomous poles and promote their development. These would be:

"Latin America (the visit of Alberto Fernández, president of Argentina, to Moscow made this point clear and the upcoming visit by the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, will undoubtedly confirm these aspirations),

"The Islamic world (which has always dreamed of getting rid of Western hegemony, with countries like Iran, Turkey and Pakistan being the vanguard of this movement)

"Africa (where Russia and China are helping to overthrow the puppet governments that dominate this area),

"And the same continental Europe (which is increasingly moving away from Atlanticism, seeking to become an autonomous and sovereign pole, an idea very popular in France, Germany, Italy and Spain, despite the Atlanticist liberal elites remaining in power).

“Unfortunately, India (which has historical conflicts with China and Pakistan) and Japan (which is under U.S. occupation), as well as other states in the service of globalism, sided with the losers. However, continuing to cling to this sinking world can become a great shame later on.

‘China Largely Follows Moscow’s Ideas’

“These problems also have ideological repercussions, as all those who oppose U.S. hegemony and Biden’s clumsy attempts to safeguard unipolarity through the ‘Democratic League’ have begun to distance themselves from liberal dogmas, especially everything that there is something repulsive or pathological like the legalization or totalitarian imposition of LGBT+ ideas, gay marriage and other perversions, as well as ceding our decisions to Artificial Intelligence or post-humanist projects funded by Big Tech. Covid-19, the unreliable vaccines (which ended up expiring before Omicron) and the unjustified and horrible confinements promoted by the public authorities or the establishment of vaccination passports and Orwellian systems of total surveillance, so we can say that now we are more closer than ever to the collapse of liberalism. The successful march of truckers in Canada (the Freedom Train), which forced the globalist and liberal Trudeau into hiding, or the rise in popularity of all anti-Macron candidates in France (both Zemmour and Marine Le Pen and Melanchón defend -liberal and anti-NATO positions) are nothing more than symptoms of the end of Atlanticist hegemony.

“In turn, Russia challenges the West symmetrically:

"Geopolitically, Eurasianism is opposed to unipolarity and globalism;

"Rejection of liberalism and promotion of the traditional values of our civilization; Instead of LGBT ideas, the traditional family (enshrined in the Constitution) is promoted and, instead of individualism, the nation and historical identity are defended, etc.

“China largely follows Moscow’s ideas. Beijing also opposes globalism and Western hegemony by promoting its own traditional values, but in a Chinese version.

“This clarifies a lot the meeting between Putin and Xi Jinping, which revolved around:

"Moscow and Beijing will not support any attempt to limit their sovereignty (i.e., Western hegemony and globalism will be fought to the end);

"Russia and China know that Biden has created a series of anti-Chinese associations and that NATO is expanding its operations in Eastern Europe, so they decided to act (together!) against him;

"Both leaders indirectly accused the United States of carrying out biological terrorism (they call it 'American biological-military activities'), declaring that the West (United States and Great Britain) is responsible for Covid-19;

"Beijing will support Moscow in Eastern Europe and Moscow will support Beijing in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Putin explicitly said that 'Taiwan is his' (Xi Jinping, in turn, muttered 'so Ukraine is his');

"Both countries reject the 'Democratic League' (unipolarity) and have sworn to preserve the polycentric world order (this should be understood as a defense of the Yalta and UN treaties).

“Finally, a Russian-Chinese bloc – Eurasian! – and that means that every country must make a decision:

"Support the aggressive and senseless Western hegemony that is collapsing today,

"Or join the bloc of nations (including Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan, Belarus, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Syria, Mali, CAR, Burkina Faso, Guinea, and in part Turkey, Argentina and Brazil ) who are in favor of preserving state sovereignty and civilizational identity.

"Undoubtedly, the future is on the side of multipolarity and, therefore, of Eurasia. Liberalism turned out to be a victim of its own success and was unable to maintain and protect the order that emerged from the collapse of the USSR. This attempt to create a world empire failed and a new world began.

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