Ukrainian Fascism Is On The Rise

During the last decade researchers on Ukrainian politics have been noting the increasing activity of the right and ultra-right political forces and the boost in their popularity. It is worth noting that the left flank in Ukrainian political life was totally suppressed by the Ukrainian nationalists.

Rhetoric of some political activists in Ukraine allows us to compare the contemporary situation in Ukraine with the situation that was developing in Germany in the 1930s.

The European media regularly report on nationalist marches, manifestations of chauvinism and ethnic hatred crimes. Nevertheless, these reports show merely the tip of an iceberg. Analysis of the Ukrainian media space allows to form a more objective picture of what is going on. Unfortunately, this picture does not give rise to optimism. Tendencies in the Ukrainian political discourse directly indicate fascization of the Ukrainian state.

Leaders of the ultra-right organization already pulled off the mask of activists of revival of national culture and exposed their aggressive nature. And their aggression manifests not only in suppressing the rights of ethnic minorities within the country but also in the intention of expansionism.

A recent public speech of one of the Ukrainian nationalist leaders confirms the reality of the threat of expansionism. Eugene Karas, in his incendiary speech, stated that the future nationalist Ukraine will be dictating the terms to Europe from a position of strength. According to Karas, after establishing nationalist order in Ukraine they will be ready to spread such kind of order to other European countries. Karas mentioned as an example Hungary which the Ukrainian nationalists are eager to invade.

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