Among Them a Brigadier General. Assad’s Forces Suffer Losses in Syrian Desert

On Wednesday, pro-Assad news outlets mourned the death of Brigadier-General Nashwan al-Saad, who hails from the city of al-Qaryatan in the eastern countryside of Homs, during a patrol of Assad’s forces in the Syrian Badia.

In parallel, the Fourth Division militia lost contact with a lieutenant colonel and 10 members of its ranks in the eastern countryside of Homs during a campaign in Syria’s Badia. Media sources confirmed the killing and wounding of several soldiers in Assad’s forces during the recent campaign.

Khaldoun al-Khatib, a soldier from rural Suweida, was killed in an unspecified location, and a member of Assad’s forces, Mustafa al-Atma from the Daraa countryside, was killed by Israeli shelling of Iranian militia positions around the Damascus International Airport several days ago.

Retired Colonel Ahmed Haidar died in the Jableh area of Lattakia governorate. Colonel Nasser Mohammed Abbas, a resident of the al-Muhajireen neighbourhood in Homs, died due to an unspecified cause.

Back in the Syrian Badia, two regime soldiers were killed and others wounded in an ISIS attack on military posts in al-Boukamal, east of Deir-ez-Zor. The attack took advantage of dusty conditions in the area. Iranian militiamen were killed in a similar attack near the Debisan oil field, east of Raqqa.

Activists in the Furat Post network said that the recent campaign launched by the Russian occupation in Badia had failed to achieve its objectives. The mission began a sweep of the main roads from the Hama governorate and to the Badia in Raqqa, and to the borders of Deir-ez-Zor governorate in the al-Bashri mountains, west of Deir-ez-Zor.

The campaign began nearly a week ago with the participation of Suhail al-Hassan, commander of the Tiger Forces Militia, the 25th Division, and Yasser al-Ahmad, head of the incursion regiment. The operation also featured Russian occupation officers and the Wagner militia. It comprised dozens of raids targeting many caves, old houses, and tunnels in territories held by ISIS operatives.

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