The Indian Army issues PSOs for five projects under Make II scheme

Approval of PSOs will further initiate the process of prototype development for each project.

The Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD) has announced that the Army has approved the project sanction orders (PSOs) of five projects under the Make II procurement scheme.

The five projects include high-frequency man packed software-defined radios (HFSDR), a drone kill system, infantry training weapon simulator (IWTS), 155mm terminally guided munitions (TGM), and a medium-range precision kill system (MRPKS).

Under the HFSDR project, 14 developing agencies (DA) have received PSO to begin the lightweight HFSDR’s prototype development, following which the Indian Army is planning to procure a total of 300 HFSDR.

Once developed, the new radio sets will replace the Indian Army’s existing HF radio sets that offer limited data handling capability.

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