Vučić from Vranje: I took an oath on the Constitution and Miroslav’s gospel, I will not recognize the independence of Kosovo and Metohija

Buses with citizens from Leskovac, Vlasotinac, Bojnik and other municipalities in southern Serbia arrived in Vranje from the early hours of the morning, and the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, began his speech at around 11:20 a.m.

“The geopolitical situation in the world has changed more drastically than during the fall of the Berlin Wall, only some in our country pretend not to see how difficult Serbia’s position is… It is an unbearable dose of lightness with which the country would be destroyed in a week. They don’t even know what the state means,” said the president.

As he explains, this brings with it much more difficult decisions.

“Our first obligation is to protect Serbia, the second is to protect national interests, and the third is to protect peace and stability. 620 children were born in Vranje, and over 1,000 people died. For whom we build roads, we restore the museum”, says Vučić.

He notes that he will not recognize Kosovo, and that he swore by the Constitution and Miroslav’s gospel.

“I know what I swore to, the Constitution of Serbia and Miroslav’s Gospel. I will not be the one to sign the independence of Kosovo and Metohija to them! There is no surrender, we will not recognize independence either de facto or de jure,” said Vučić.

Also, on this occasion, he spoke about further plans and investments.

“It’s not that we haven’t done anything in the Pčinj district, but we will continue with investments, in this but also in the Jablanički and Toplički districts,” he said in his address to the citizens in front of the Sports Hall in Vranje, who could not enter inside, where there are about five thousand citizens .

“We will reconstruct the railway from Niš to Preševo, build a stadium with 8,700 seats and an indoor swimming pool in Vranje, rebuild the school “Dositej Obradović” and open a Center for natural exceptionalities where young women can get a job,” said Vučić, interrupted by chants of “Aco Srbine, Aco Srbine.”

Vučić announced a new increase in pensions in June and emphasized that “there will be no surrender, no betrayal, no capitulation, but a fight for Serbia and Kosovo.”

After visiting Vranje, Vučić continues his tour of southern Serbia with a visit to Bujanovac, Trgovište and Bosilegrad, and ends at Vlasin Lake.

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, started the formation of the People’s Movement for the State, and his tour of municipalities started from Vranje, where a large meeting was held today in the Sports Hall. At the session of GO SNS, he announced that he will make an effort in the next year to visit every municipality in Serbia, and he also stated that he hopes to be able to go to Kosovo and Metohija as well.

Before the arrival of the president in the south of Serbia, high-ranking SNS officials Darko Glišić and Dragan Stevanović were in Vranje , who talked with representatives of all committees about organizing a support rally.

On Friday, the Presidency and Main Board of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) unanimously supported Aleksandar Vučić’s proposal to form a people’s movement for the state, and Vučić said that it is not excluded that this movement will participate in the next elections.

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