“Understood and not at all surprising”: Danas interlocutors on Milatović’s statement that Montenegro will not withdraw recognition of Kosovo

The statement of the newly elected President of Montenegro, Jakov Milatović, that the country will not withdraw the recognition of Kosovo – is taken for granted and not at all surprising – the interlocutors of Danas agree.

Šaip Kamberi, a member of the Serbian Parliament and president of the Party for Democratic Action, tells Danas that Montenegro is a member of NATO and on a solid path to EU membership, which actually means its obligation to synchronize its foreign policy with EU policy.

  • And Jakov Milatović expressed his position rationally and sensibly. He is probably aware that a different decision could bring Montenegro into a political conflict with the EU and NATO – Kamberi believes.

According to Dragomir Anđelković, a political analyst, Montenegro is a member of NATO and a country that has decided to strictly follow the policies of the leading Western countries.

  • In such circumstances, it was unrealistic to expect Podgorica to change its attitude towards Kosovo, no matter who won the elections. For us, the key issue is to end the policy of discriminating against declared Serbs and systematically cutting down the indisputable Serbian roots of Montenegro. It is a real possibility to change the official Montenegrin policy after the defeat of Đukanović, not the so-called recognition of Kosovo – concludes the interlocutor of Danas.

Let us remind you that Milatović said that Montenegro will fulfill absolutely all international obligations, including the recognition of Kosovo’s independence, and that its foreign policy is very clear.

Milatović, in an interview with Nova S television, said that Montenegro will further work on improving good-neighborly relations, but that one thing is very clear – there is no “recognition” of Kosovo’s independence.

He added that Serbia supports the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, as well as that it wants to be a good neighbor that will promote good neighborly cooperation.

Boško Obradović, the president of Dveri, points out for Danas that just as one government, against the will of the people, imposed sanctions on Russia, recognized Kosovo’s independence and joined NATO, so another government, with the majority support of citizens, can cancel all that and defend its honor Montenegro, which was seriously questioned by the former regime of Milo Đukanović.

  • Because, how can such big decisions be made in a democracy without a referendum and popular declaration? – concludes our interlocutor.

Srđan Milivojević, deputy of the Democratic Party, assesses Milatović’s statement as completely expected.

  • On the one hand, Montenegro is a member of the NATO pact, and not a single member state has withdrawn its recognition. On the other hand, why would any country withdraw recognition at a time when the president of Serbia reaches an agreement according to which all elements of Kosovo’s statehood are respected? Montenegro and Serbia, regardless of everything, must develop the closest possible relations. I am convinced that the two brotherly states will become part of the European family of nations in the near future. On that path, Serbia should in many respects follow the example of good practice from Montenegro, above all in relation to the autocratic form of government – concludes Milivojević.

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