Counting Vučić and SNS members

Counting sheep was the best traditional natural recipe found to get you to sleep if you can’t sleep. They say that shepherds in medieval Britain still counted sheep, counted, counted, every time they went to sleep, and that’s how they finally got to SNA.

In modern Serbia, with a similar counting method, you may not quite get to SNA, but you will definitely get to something much more important, to SNS.

Ever since the Serbian Progressive Party joined its ranks, either by grace or by force, as many as 700 thousand citizens of Serbia, the popular SNS members, counting sheep fell into the background, because those British medieval shepherds had flocks of 100 sheep each, and for many it was not enough to reach SNA. So counting sheep has gone down in history as the best method for falling asleep, and a new method has arrived – counting party members, living people, the so-called SNS members, of whom there are just enough that even citizens with the strongest insomnia can fall asleep, if counting to 100, but it can take up to an easy 700,000, or to put it in tent terms – seven hundred soms.

Whoever does not fall asleep counting SNS members up to 700,000 is either an incurable example of a citizen of Serbia, or is Aleksandar Vučić, a man who never sleeps, and does not sleep even when he sleeps, who works nights and days, and only goes home every morning from office, telling co-workers that he would be back soon.

  • I’m going home to get up – he knows Aleksandar Vučić says when he leaves Andrić’s venac around half past seven in the morning, only to return at half past eight, while in the meantime, in that hour, he jumps home to get up, because getting up is always logical. the beginning of the working day.

It is especially the beginning of the working day for people who work a lot, so to speak, they break away from work, so Aleksandar Vučić became responsible for every segment of our libertarian society: he takes care of foreign policy, side policy, livestock policy, internal policy, obituaries in Politics, about sports policy, about cultural policy, about informing, about Informing, about telegraphing, about Serbian telegraphing, about asphalting the village road in Pakovrać, installing a transformer station in Karajukića wells, about Red Star’s tactics in the Champions League, about the price of eggs before Easter, about children stuck in garbage, about Dragan J. Vučićević stuck in prison, about Goca Uzelac stuck who knows where (guess yourself), about the embroidery of Wheeler’s tapestries, about goblins, about breeding penguins in the Smederevo ironworks,about the gold deposits that spring up like mushrooms after the rain and like gold after the golden age, he cares about minds, roads, lithium, about the Eurovision Song, about the Hypocrisy Song, he watches over the squats in the elementary schools he has been changing for 10 years and he cannot replace them all, he cares about everything, he cares about everything, about everyone, about aliens, about countrymen, about godfathers of which there are 75, more than Coppola had, and as such he does not get off the front pages of the daily press, because you will admit, everything and that you want to , there is no way to avoid it.and as such, it is not removed from the front pages of the daily press, because you will admit, even if you want to, there is no way to avoid it.and as such, it is not removed from the front pages of the daily press, because you will admit, even if you want to, there is no way to avoid it.

  • Sloba will be with you from the cradle to the grave – says an old song, and now a new one is in vogue: “From dawn to eternity, Vučić’s news will be with you”.

And then Ana Brnabić remembered to count how many times such and such President Vučić appeared on the front pages of Danas and the Nova newspaper, in order to prove that freedom of the press is flourishing in Serbia.

Although it would have been more logical if she had concluded that Vučić lives in Serbia, as the Chinese would say – let a thousand worlds of Vučić flourish.

Counting Vučić by front pages, a method invented by Ana Brnabić, seems to be a better method for falling asleep than counting sheep, because counting Vučić also serves to count SNS members, who all think that literally all daily newspapers in Serbia are – except Aloa, Novosti, Informer, Srpski telegraf, Politika, Kurir… – those who do not give the president peace, but constantly criticize him by pushing him to the front page. In question, therefore, are two daily newspapers – Nova & Danas.

Which the president and prime minister constantly claim that no one alive reads, not even them, so that Ana Brnabić and President Vučić are people with paranormal abilities – they know what is written in the newspapers that they do not read, they also know what is on the front pages of the newspapers that they cannot see with their eyes. The two are a pure paranormal and parapsychological phenomenon.

But what worries him the most – it looks like they don’t have all their sheep in the number, what would the Serbian people say.

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