Saudi man executed for forming terrorist group to carry out attacks within Kingdom

A Saudi national in al-Qassim was executed for forming and orchestrating a terrorist group and for being in contact with other extremist groups in the region with the aim of carrying out attacks within the Kingdom, the Ministry of Interior said.

Yasser bin Mohammed al-Asmari was executed on Monday after different courts upheld the sentence and a royal order was issued to carry out the death sentence.

The ministry said in a statement that al-Asmari “formed a terrorist cell that aimed at carrying out terrorist acts, acts of sabotage within the Kingdom and to attack security personnel.”

He also contacted other terrorist groups to offer support for his cell and “offered his allegiance to the leader of a terrorist organization,” the statement said.

Al-Asmari was also charged with offering shelter for several extremists, recruiting and training them to make explosives as well as tasking them with setting targets for attacks.

Additionally, the ministry said that al-Asmari also fought in the areas of conflict in the region while also facilitating the way for others to join these areas.

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