SDF announce the arrest of ISIS leader in Hasaka countryside

​​​​​​​Today, the Syrian Democratic Forces announced the arrest of a leader of ISIS mercenaries and the dismantling of a terrorist cell in the southern countryside of Hasaka.

The Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces stated that: “Our SDF Special Units conducted, last Monday, a meticulously executed security operation, dismantling an ISIS terrorist cell in the town of al-Dashisha, in the southern countryside of Hasaka.

The operation was supported by air surveillance and ground support by the international coalition forces. As a result, our units successfully apprehended the leader of the ISIS terrorist cell alongside an accompanying suspect.

The captured terrorist leader had been actively planning terrorist attacks against our military, security forces, and civilians. His actions posed a severe threat to the security and stability of the region, in addition to facilitating the movement of terrorist cells. He was directly responsible for their activities in the southern region of the Hasaka and the northern region of Deir al-zor.

During the arrest, our units conducted a thorough search of the premises where the terrorist leader was located. This search led to the discovery of weapons, technical equipment, and incriminating documents solidifying his affiliation with ISIS.

With unwavering determination, our forces continue their relentless efforts in counter-terrorism operations. These operations are carried out in cooperation with the international coalition forces, aiming to fortify security and stability in the regions of NE Syria and ultimately eradicate ISIS terrorism.”

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